The facilities at KLDC have been continually upgraded through introduction of more advanced equipment. However this new facility has not only some of the best equipment available anywhere for pathological examinations but also has totally automated equipment for analysis of the more critical examinations in order to ensure maximum accuracy. Such computerized equipment includes Random Access Multi-channel Chemistry Analyzer, Hematology blood cell counters and we carry out routine tests as well as specialized Automated Hormone and Antibody Immunoassays.


This department is equipped with the latest Digital Computerized Radiology CR Equipment with two X-ray machines for specialized, high quality work. Mammography is a very important screening procedure and Karachi Laboratory Diagnostic Centre offers this service under supervision of a trained lady radiographer and qualified female radiologist.


Modern ultrasound facilities are available providing high quality images and versatility of examination including that of small parts such as eye, prostate, breast, thyroid and head as well as trus (trans-rectal) and trans-vaginal examinations.


We have added Colour Doppler equipment to the Ultrasound Department that is the state of the art equipment for carrying out procedures like Echocardiographs and Vascular studies for various organs of the body. A very experienced medical team is engaged to lead this section.


For the convenience of patients, a three channel Electrocardiogram service is provided. Apart from convenience of all facilities being under one roof, the Diagnostic Centers offer a more reliable service based on the most modern and sophisticated equipment available anywhere in the Pakistan. Such equipment is backed by highly skilled manpower including consultant medical specialists.


We have been carrying out Medical Fitness Certification for various corporate bodies and various foreign diplomatic missions. Our aim is to work hand in hand with our clients to provide a dedicated professional service.

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